What Sets Us Apart

Unique Care for Your Unique Smile

Everyone at Reddy to Smile Orthodontics understands you want a healthy, confident, and radiant smile. We also understand you have unique clinical and personal care needs.

Dr. Reddy prides herself on staying current with advances in the field of orthodontics and technology. She has a unique approach to practicing orthodontics in that she diagnoses, plans, and provides treatment for each patient by working together.

At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Kavitha Reddy will talk with you, and ask about your goals, timeline, and any concerns you have. Then, following your initial exam, she will create a treatment plan that addresses your clinical and personal requirements: an individual plan gives you the best care experience, and the most incredible, lasting smile, in a timely and affordable manner.

Support for Your Orthodontic Journey

Everyone on our team knows that orthodontics is a journey. Most patients start treatment feeling ashamed of their smile, because of their crooked teeth. Not only do they feel embarrassed to smile, but they tend to be withdrawn and avoid a lot of personal interaction.

Once treatment begins, though, the person begins to transform. As they see the visible changes in their teeth, gently being shifted into place, they begin to feel better about their appearance. Each person starts to make eye contact and starts to smile, openly and happily. By the end of their orthodontic journey, they are smiling and laughing with ease. Their self-esteem has blossomed and so too has their confidence. They know they have an incredible smile and love sharing it.

We’ll be with you at every step along your orthodontic journey. We’ll support and encourage you, we’ll educate you, and we’ll cheer every success with you. The day you complete care and your finished smile is revealed, we’ll celebrate with you. Your hard work has paid off and you have an incredible smile that will serve you for a lifetime.

We want you to feel relaxed and excited when you come for your visits. If there’s ever anything you need or any questions you want to ask, don’t hesitate: we’re here to serve and help you and are honored to do so.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Orthodontics means an investment of your time, energy, and money. It’s about making a positive, lasting change in your life, and it’s important you understand what’s involved before committing to care.

We invite you to call and schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or your child at our Frederick, MD orthodontic office. At your consultation, you’ll meet our team, tour the office, and we’ll talk about your reasons for considering care. Then you’ll receive an initial exam. The doctor will create your custom treatment plan and we’ll review it with you. We’ll explain the steps, what’s recommended, and how everything works. It’s important you’re able to make an educated decision about your future smile!

Dr. Reddy and our team can’t wait to meet you. It will be a pleasure to help make your dreams of a confident, beautiful smile come true!

Let’s get started!